Match Method and Rate with Conditions

Posted over 3 years ago

Manure contains several nutrients, unlike single nutrient source fertilizers so be sure that you have accounted for your three primary nutrients (N, P and K) to maintain or enhance your soil quality before applying.

For permitted livestock facilities, specifically, phosphorus is regulated by the Indiana Department of Environmental Management at a 200ppm maximum threshold level.2 Your soil analysis will tell you if your fields can handle increased phosphorus applications or if you need to stop applying manure and enforce a nutrient draw-down period.

Manure transportation and application should be done with precision and caution, since these activates are more vulnerable to a spill or discharge. Know your set-back limits and avoid sensitive ground water areas. If you are using irrigation as your application method, apply only at a rate that can be matched by soil filtration to avoid ponding. Odor can also be a challenge to irrigation application, so cooler temperatures are ideal for this as well as being aware and accommodating to neighbors by avoiding application on weekends and holidays.